Reimagining Rent: Meet our first cohort

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We are delighted to introduce our first cohort of the Reimagining Rent programme. These seven ventures are tackling some of the most pressing challenges in the private rented housing sector, particularly those that affect people who are vulnerable and on low incomes. The programme will work with these initiatives to strengthen their business models, demonstrate their impact and grow their potential to scale.


Kineara’s Rent Support Programme works to prevent homelessness by supporting people who are in debt, struggling with a range of challenges and at risk of eviction. Working in partnership with tenants and landlords, our 10-week programme tackles the root causes of rent arrears, by providing holistic support to help people stay in their homes and save landlords money. @kineara

Maria Morgan, Director, Kineara


Community Sponsors Homes

Community Sponsors Homes is transforming the wheelchair accessible housing market. Our residential impact investment fund will purchase accessible rental properties for some of the 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK. This will create a return for investors, provide wheelchair users with a place to call home and ensure accessible properties are let to those who need them. @CSHorguk

Eleanor Bowden, CEO, Community Sponsors Homes

Ben Tiplady, Communications and Sharon Heathcote, Relationships and Fundraising, Community Sponsors Homes


Cambridge House Safer Renting

Safer Renting designs and supports pathways out of slum rentals for tenants, providing advocacy and support. We also influence social policy to create better conditions for renters and to drive slum landlords out of business. @CamHouse1889

Robert Anderson, Fundraising and Development Coordinator and Roz Spencer, Project Director, Safer Renting


Homeless Rooms

Homeless Rooms matches empty rooms in supported accommodation to homeless people and sofa surfers who need somewhere to live. By using an innovative property search site it is making a dent in the soaring numbers of people facing homelessness and providing support whilst at the same time saving local authorities millions. @homelessrooms

Lee Blake, Co-founder and Director, Homeless Rooms



RentSquare makes renting simple, fair and square for both tenants and landlords. We use technology and data to improve the efficiency of housing supply in the private rented sector and make renting affordable and accessible for those who need it. @therentsquare

Helena Trippe, CEO, RentSquare


RentProfile is a trusted network of verified landlords and renters. Originally set up to prevent ‘fake landlord’ scams, genuine landlords and renters can self-background check, creating a unique online profile which demonstrates their credentials. Landlords and renters can recommend each other to show good rental history. This helps set them apart, and in checking others have confidence in who they’re dealing with. @rentprofile

Paul Munday, Co-founder, RentProfile

Fifty Thousand Homes

Fifty Thousand Homes is a business-led campaign to double housebuilding in London by the end of the Mayoralty in 2020. Part of the campaign is an innovative employer’s pledge. This pledge signs up employers to providing financial support such as commuting costs, tenancy deposit schemes, committing to regular staff surveys to respond to housing needs and exploring new ways to help boost housing supply. @London_First

Derek Ray-Hill, Executive Director, London First



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