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Listen, Participate, Transform: A social media framework for local government

Print date: June 2010 Item type: Publication

Author: Mandeep Hothi

Print date: June 2010

Author: Mandeep Hothi

This think-piece, the second in a series from the Young Foundation’s Local 2.0 project, provides local authorities with a simple, practical framework to base their social media activity on. For those working in local government, social media is soon to become part of everyday business – a valuable channel to improve dialogue with local citizens,… → Read More

Discovery, Argument & Action: How civil society responds to changing needs

Print date: March 2008 Item type: Publication

Authors: Geoff Mulgan ,

Print date: March 2008

Authors: Geoff Mulgan ,

Civil society in its many forms plays vital roles in discovering and then meeting social needs – from poverty and disability to discrimination. This report investigates the many ways in which these roles have been played, analysing civil society’s role as a campaigner, innovator, researcher and service provider. It includes data on how people meet… → Read More

Full of Life (Video)

Print date: March 2010 Item type: Video

Print date: March 2010

Full of Life was a Young Foundation peer-to-peer community based project to promote emotional resilience skills for older people in Kingston and Lambeth. Full of Life – Emotional resilience skills for older people from The Young Foundation on Vimeo. The project, funded by Comic Relief, developed and piloted a service to improve the wellbeing and… → Read More

The Social Design Methods Menu

Print date: January 2013 Item type: Publication

Authors: Joe Julier , Lucy Kimbell

Print date: January 2013

Authors: Joe Julier , Lucy Kimbell

This document summarises the main approaches and methods developed over several years through teaching and supporting managers and entrepreneurs. It is something to read and something to use. It provides an introduction and manual for those looking for a new way to tackle social and policy issues, such as caring for the elderly or reducing worklessness among young… → Read More

The Hows and Whys of Evidence-Based Policy (Podcast)

Print date: December 2012 Item type: Audio

Print date: December 2012

Very few would contradict the idea that policy decisions should be based on evidence. But how do we know if the methods we use to gather and analyse evidence are the right ones? Jeremy Hardie (Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences, LSE) addresses this in a lunchtime seminar for The Young Foundation. Robert… → Read More

Youth Worklessnes animation

Youth Worklessness: A tale of three young people in their search for work

Print date: November 2012 Item type: Video

Print date: November 2012

Follow the lives of three young people – Amir, Pete and Janine – as they search for work. All are in different circumstances and with different ambitions. Their stories highlight some of the key challenges faced by young people today, as well as the characteristics and support which ultimately get them through. This animation is… → Read More

Charlie and Marie: A tale of ageing

Print date: September 2011

Print date: September 2011

As part of the Young Foundation’s Ageing Well Innovation Series we worked to visualise older people’s journeys in life from the age of 60 onwards. In particular we have been looking at significant events in the lives of older people, such as retirement, or a stay in hospital, and how they interact with different services… → Read More

Financing Social Impact Cover (April 2012)

Financing Social Impact

Print date: April 2012 Item type: Publication

Authors: Carmel O'Sullivan, Geoff Mulgan , Simon Tucker, Will Norman

Print date: April 2012

Authors: Carmel O'Sullivan, Geoff Mulgan , Simon Tucker, Will Norman

Creating a finance ecosystem where social innovations can flourish. Where do we want to be in 10 years? The field of social innovation is now beginning to gather momentum, with significant investment from governments, foundations and business. Over the next few years, it is possible that the ability to support, manage and grow innovations of… → Read More

Plugged in, untapped: Using digital technologies to help young people learn to lead

Print date: September 2010 Item type: Publication

Authors: Mary Abdo, Sarah Hewes

Print date: September 2010

Authors: Mary Abdo, Sarah Hewes

Digital technologies can be powerful tools for empowering young people to lead positive social change. But these new resources are no magic bullet, and young people aren’t always the ‘digital natives’ they’re made out to be. While young people are plugged in to digital technologies, their talents remain largely untapped. ‘Plugged in, untapped’ explores the… → Read More

Developing skills for life and work: Accelerating social and emotional learning across South Australia

Print date: February 2012 Item type: Publication

Authors: Bethia McNeil, Vicki Sellick

Print date: February 2012

Authors: Bethia McNeil, Vicki Sellick

Recent years have seen significant shifts in the world of work, with the focus moving away from industry, towards innovation and the ‘knowledge economy’. At the same time, the global economic slowdown has meant fewer labour market opportunities, particularly for young people. Consequently, young people today enter a world of unparalleled uncertainty and risk, with… → Read More