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Supporting community voices: the power of participatory and peer research

Community-led innovation has experienced significant growth and support in the past few years. Social Innovation Community (SIC) reflects this in its community-led innovation network – a group of people across Europe dedicated to developing and disseminating community-led innovation tools, methods and ideas.

Unravelling the spiral of debt

High Cost Credit is a key element of the Poverty Premium. Its grossly unjust and means that people on low incomes pay far more for everyday good and services than those who are better off. Our Head of Communications Lucie Russell talks about our recent High Cost Credit research in Wales on the day Michael Sheen’s High Cost Credit Alliance launches and we become members.

Young Academy Accelerator – last chance to apply!

There are just four days left to apply for our next Young Academy Accelerator for social ventures working in education! Jon Maiden, co-founder of Panjango, who completed the Accelerator in 2017, talks about his project and the impact of the Young Academy.


Rethinking welfare: basic income in Barcelona and beyond

Basic income is an unconditional, non-withdrawable income for every citizen. The Young Foundation is currently conducting basic income related research in Barcelona as part of the B-MINCOME experiment. Amanda Hill-Dixon explores what makes it unique.


How to set up a process of social innovation

SIC will be sharing our process, methodology, cases and solutions from our experimentation work over the coming months. We hope it will inspire similar work throughout Europe, creating a common voice for social change. We start by sharing our methodology.