Communities around the world are facing deep challenges. The problems facing us today are more complex, inter-dependent and accelerating faster than can be solved through traditional approaches. There is a growing global community of social sector leaders and practitioners who recognise that a reliance on old ways of working is part of the problem: not only do we have to change ‘what’ we do in response to these challenges but, even more importantly, we must change ‘how’ we facilitate meaningful development and social change.

To address this, The Young Foundation, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, is undertaking a global search to identify new and untapped approaches that people and organisations around the globe are using to unleash their capacity and creativity, and respond better to complex social challenges and needs.

To help us with our search, we’re connecting with a wide range of people spanning disciplines and sectors, addressing a wide range of social challenges, and working in all parts of the world. We’re doing deeper regional studies and collaborating with local partners to identify approaches that are being developed and applied in Southern and East Africa, and East and South East Asia.

Our goal is to identify approaches with the highest potential, and spread these throughout the social sector.