The Social Innovation Community (SIC) project aims to develop an enabling environment for social innovation by connecting social innovators from Europe and beyond.

The global challenges that we face are diverse and resistant to solution. Issues like inequality, climate change, housing shortages, and migration require new thinking. They require an environment in which we appreciate that collaboration drives good ideas and good ideas can come from anywhere. SIC looks to build this environment.

This Social Innovation Community will engage with actors including researchers, social innovators, citizens and policy-makers in order to help create a context where new ideas and new voices can more effectively contribute towards solving social problems.

Central to the aim of the project is the deepening and strengthening of existing social innovation networks, the creation of new links to actors and networks hitherto not included in the field of social innovation, and the forging of links between networks through the creation of a ‘network of networks’.

We at the Young Foundation will be playing an important role in this project, along with our 12 consortium partners, by bringing together two networks, of Community-Led Innovation and Innovation Intermediaries. In addition, we will be leading the Experimentation work package, finding ways to scale and support social innovation across Europe.

More details about the SIC project can be found here ( or for more information please contact


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