The United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland is brimming with creative and committed young people. Yet so much of that potential is held back by the stark inequalities that exist across communities. Whilst the UK and Irish governments have tried hard to transform many aspects of life it has not yet ushered in the fairer and more prosperous society so many want and need.

The Young Foundation is proud to announce that we have secured support from the Credit Suisse EMEA Foundation to deliver a two-year programme across Belfast, Dublin and London, designed to enable young people to drive and own innovations that will make a real difference in tackling inequality in their local communities. We will do this through an integrated programme of ethnographic and participatory research, narrative building, co-creation and acceleration support for those innovations with real potential. By combining each of these steps we will build a new movement of young people working together to improve lives by tackling social inequality across the UK and Ireland.

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