Dr Suzy Solley

Research Officer Team: Research

Suzy joined the research team at the Young Foundation in April 2017. She is an ethnographer and works on a wide range of research projects, including ethnographic studies in Barcelona, Essex, and London related to understanding and tackling poverty, inequality and social action.

Previous to The Young Foundation Suzy completed her PhD from Queen Mary University of London. Her qualitative research on widowhood in Nepal sought to challenge representations of Nepali widows as old and poor victims, and widowhood as a marginalised and vulnerable status. She deployed an innovative conceptual and methodological approach to understand the well-being and agential capacity of widowed women. This research was motivated by social change and a desire to highlight the largely underexplored experiences of widowhood. She continues to have a strong interest in international development and specifically issues around well-being, empowerment and gender.

Suzy is also a research associate at the School of Geography at Queen Mary. Her postdoctoral research, in collaboration with Greenwich Leisure Limited and Tower Hamlets council, explores well-being and the barriers to participation in exercise within the borough. This research, like her other work, is centred on ethnographic, qualitative and participatory approaches and is driven by social change.