Dr Charlotte Heales

Research Officer Team: Research

Charlotte joined the Young Foundation as a Research Assistant in June 2015 and currently works as a Research Associate.

Her current work focuses on delivering research for projects such as ‘Social Innovation Drive’ and ‘Social Innovation Communities’. She has also contributed to a number of other projects including World Bank funded work on post-conflict social innovation, ESRC funded work looking at high cost credit, and a peer research project for West Sussex Public Health.

Charlotte is an experienced fieldworker with a PhD from King’s College London, which analyses the performance of agricultural microfinance products in Malawi. She continues to have a strong interest in international development.

Through her role at the Young Foundation, and her previous experience, she has built expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research techniques, including participatory methods, and has frequently utilised mixed methods approaches.

Charlotte has a diverse background in research and social policy having previously been contracted as a researcher on projects for the Cabinet Office and the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Microfinance. She has also previously held roles with the NHS Confederation and the Merton Virtual School for Looked after Children.