New Role: ICS Community Advisory Board Member

Are you interested in being part of a brand new project, helping to make communities across the UK stronger? – Apply to become a Community Board member at The Institute for Community Studies.

The purpose of the Institute is to gather evidence about what’s working well to support strong and resilient communities across the UK and increase the ways in which the voices, experiences and stories of people and communities can be better heard and valued by those who hold power.

The Institute has a strong focus on increasing the range of ways in which the voices, experiences and stories of people and communities can be better heard and valued by those who hold power.

We are now recruiting up to 12 people from across the UK to join us as Community Advisory Board members.

The purpose of the Community Advisory Board is to:

  • Offer guidance on our plans for the Institute and provide ongoing advice on whether our work is needed and relevant to communities
  • Test our assumptions about what kind of information is most likely to be of value to communities
  • Keep us honest, and ensure we remain true to the purpose of the Institute and the needs of communities across the UK

The board will meet three times over a period of 12 months, initially at times and dates that best suit the board members. Sometimes this will be in person, sometimes we will hold telephone meetings. In between meetings, we may also ask you to look at and comment on some of our work and activities. This can be done by the phone or by email, at a time that suits you.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for people who:

  • Are active in their community, in a paid or unpaid capacity
  • Care about communities having a voice in how decisions are made
  • Are supportive of the mission of the Institute and are able to express the views and experiences of a community, not just your own
  • Have recent experience of working together with others; possibly with experience of sitting on a committee or a working group in your community
  • Are comfortable participating in meetings and providing views and feedback via phone/email
  • Act confidentially with regard to any sensitive information shared with you as part of the role

The selection of Community Board members will be based on meeting the criteria for the role and we will be looking to create a very diverse board, who can bring a whole range of perspectives and experiences to the table. We will also be looking for representatives from different parts of the UK, representing a broad mix of different kinds of communities – in cities, towns and rural places.

The Commitment
You will be able to commit to:

  • Approximately 10 hours of meetings over the course of 12 months. At least two of the three meetings per year will be held in a city location; requiring you to travel.
  • Additional 1 hour of time to review and read materials ahead of each meeting

The Institute will offer to reimburse (or book for you) all reasonable travel and associated expenses and offer a complementary fee of £100 for your initial 12 month commitment to the role.

How to Apply
To apply, please send us a letter detailing how you meet the ‘Person Requirements’ set out above and a short explanation of why you are interested in joining the Institute as a Community Advisory Board member.  This letter can be in any format – from a written letter to a short video. Please submit your application to join this board no later than midday 31st July. We will notify all successful applicants within 10 working days, to set up an initial phone call to discuss your application. Depending on how many applications we receive, we may not be able to offer detailed feedback to unsuccessful candidates. All dates for Advisory Board meetings will be agreed with successful board members.

Please email your application to: or write to us at:

FAO: Human Resources, The Institute for Community Studies, c/o The Young Foundation, 18, Victoria Park Square, London, E2 9PF