Communicating change to frontline staff

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Improving service delivery is important. We believe that whenever possible, it should be co-designed with practitioners and users – just as the model for integrated care in Islington is being.

To realise the full potential of improvements to services, it is crucial that people delivering and using it understand and feel comfortable with the changes.

That’s why The Young Foundation and Islington Integrated Care partners developed We Care Together – Maggie and Rose’s Story. The animation tells the story of integrated care in Islington to help prepare frontline staff for changes in the way local health services work with each other.


The background

For people living with complex health needs, liaising with many healthcare professionals can be a daunting and disempowering experience. Integrated care links up health services so that they can provide better care to individuals in a way people can navigate more easily.

Islington Clinical Commissioning Group (ICCG) engaged with local people to develop their integrated care model, and then worked with The Young Foundation to explain and bring to life the changes that are being implemented.

The first output is We Care Together – Maggie and Rose’s Story. The animation aims to explain the changes and support frontline workers in explaining the benefits of the changes to local people.


For more information on the Bringing the Story to Life project, please visit the project page or contact or


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  1. John

    To change services in the community we must first visualise what that service will look like, and this great video will help. Many thanks 🙂