The Young Foundation, The Progression Trust and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation are holding a unique event that will explore, debate and drive forward thinking around progression – growing the whole person, for the whole journey.

The event will focus on building future developments around young people and education, based on the best of our collective learning – around policy, practice and research.

The progression agenda is part of the varied practice, research and policy of the many people and organisations with a stake in enabling lifelong success. This expert seminar will draw together the best of what we know and do, as well as the research and development that is needed, to build a shared mission to transform education so that it fulfils its lifelong progression purpose.

The event will encourage the participants to reflect, discuss and share their experiences and thinking around helping children, young people and adults discover, develop and apply their amazing potential. Progression can provide a unifying ambition for our varied work and through this event, we are determined to make positive social change happen – for our thinking to do something and our actions to matter.

The seminar will take place at the Young Foundation on the morning of Wednesday 30 January 2013, closing with lunch. We are delighted that Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA, has agreed to chair the event.

For further information, please contact Bethia McNeil on or 07908 010264.