While not yet well understood by the general public, social investment is here to stay, with Big Society Capital alone sitting on £600 million of capital to pump into social sector organisations.  But what does this really mean for the charities and social enterprises who are desperate to get hold of this investment finance? Who are the social investors holding the cheque book? What do they mean when they say they invest in organisations that are ‘investment ready’?

If you are a youth sector organisation that is looking to answers for these questions, then the Young Foundation is offering you an introduction to social investment workshop on Wednesday 20th February 2pm-4.30pm.

This interactive session will cover:

1. What is social investment and how is it relevant to the voluntary youth sector?
2. How do I assess whether social investment is appropriate?
3. Who are social investors and what do they look for?
4. How ‘investment ready’ is my organisation?

Through active participation in case studies, the workshop will give people the chance to reflect on social investment and how it relates to their organisation. It aims to increase understanding of social investment and dispel myths, so the seeds are planted for organisations to assess whether social investment can be used to support their on-going sustainability.

This programme is funded by the Department of Education through its support for Catalyst and is delivered free to participating organisations.

Catalyst is a consortium of four organisations working with the Department for Education as the strategic partner for young people, as part of the Department’s wider transition programme for the sector. Catalyst is working to deliver three key objectives over a two year period. We are strengthening the youth sector market, equipping the sector to work in partnership with Government and coordinating a skills development strategy for the youth sector’s workforce.

The consortium is coordinated by the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NVCYS) with three partners: National Youth Agency (NYA), Social Enterprise UK and the Young Foundation.

Places are limited so please RSVP to catalyst@youngfoundation.org to book your place ASAP.