We regret to announce that due to illness, Prof. Richard Sennett is no longer able to speak at “How do we get better at living in cities?”. We will be postponing the event until further notice, but hope to reschedule in the coming months. Thank you for your interest and we will be sure to keep you informed of the new date.


As more and more people globally become city dwellers, our own cities in the UK face increasing social polarisation and ongoing population flux. Urban life demands complex skills and the ability to manage a myriad of day-to-day interactions and constant change. How do we learn to develop the social life of our cities so everyone can thrive?

From the built environment to digital communities, Richard Sennett will share his thoughts on developing the skills for urban living and community cooperation, with responses from Dickon Robinson, Chair of Building Futures, Mandeep Hothi LINK NEEDS SORTING, Programme Lead on Communities and Housing at the Young Foundation and Nicola Bacon, Founding Director of Social Life.

We expect this event to be over-subscribed, so please RSVP to events@youngfoundation.org to reserve a place. Please feel free to bring your lunch; drinks and light refreshment will be provided.

This is a joint event presented by the Young Foundation and Social Life.