It’s broadly acknowledged that prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to important public policy decisions such as those around health, crime and education. Yet many despair of those in charge ever being able to set aside the resources to look to the future. How can we make early action a real guiding principle for public policy?

Join David Robinson, Chair of the Early Action Task Force and Senior Advisor to Community Links, as he explains the six major obstacles stopping policy makers from investing in preventative measures. Additionally, he’ll discuss the three key ideas the Task Force will be pushing for in the next three years, the successes so far, and what can be done to break down organisational silos and hold our leaders to account to carry out these critical changes.

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Read the Early Action Task Force’s latest report, “The Deciding Time”.

Couldn’t make it to the event, or want to hear David’s talk again? Listen to the podcast on Soundcloud.