Housing associations and social enterprises can make perfect partners. In light of the Social Value Act, more housing associations are looking for social enterprises that can provide services in their communities. Social enterprises are looking to housing associations for support and access to wider networks. Yet, it’s not always easy for the two to connect.

For the past two years, Metropolitan, The Young Foundation and Olmec have been working together to grow social enterprises in the communities they serve, particularly among migrant and ethnic minority groups. To share this knowledge and launch our latest report, we’ll be having a breakfast panel discussion and networking session at RichMix featuring:

An introduction from Paul Birtill (Director, Metropolitan Migration Foundation)

A panel debate with
Ravi Mattu (Editor of Business Life, FT), Chair
Chi Onwurah MP (Shadow Minister for Social Enterprise)
– Anna Smee (Director of Ventures, The Young Foundation)
Naomi Mwasambili (Managing Director and social entrepreneur, Community Therapies and Training Trust)
John Mayford (Chief Executive, Olmec)

They’ll explore the powerful force for change that partnerships between social enterprise and housing associations can create. How can social enterprises help link procurement and community regeneration? How can housing associations grow social enterprises from their own communities?

Afterwards, all attendees are welcome to a networking session focussed on making these partnerships happen. This will be a quick-paced event where audience members can tailor their experience to match their interests, getting practical tips on business support, procurement, social enterprise and community regeneration from people in the know.

If you’d like to attend this event, please RSVP to events@youngfoundation.org.