Today’s public service managers face mounting pressures. Deep cuts to central government funding are being implemented at a time of changing social challenges including an ageing population and youth unemployment. Recent inquiries exposing public sector failures have eroded public confidence in the ability of managers to deliver a high quality and transparent service. And the delivery of frontline services is becoming increasingly open to competition from corporate providers.

But is our criticism of public service managers justified? Is management the same everywhere? And will the private sector be able to meet—let alone improve upon—the management challenges presented by the UK’s changing social need? In his radical yet practical book, Alexander Stevenson focuses on two major constraints faced by public sector managers to show why their role is vastly more difficult and complicated than that of their private counterparts. Moreover, it suggests that relying on private sector management techniques is not enough to deliver public services effectively and raises important questions about whether the transfer of public service delivery to the private sector makes the most management sense.

Drawing on the experiences of successful public sector managers, “The Public Sector – managing the unmanageable” provides useful lessons on how to deal with the practical challenges of public sector management that private sector managers would do well to learn also. Join us for what promises to be a stimulating and insightful discussion.

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Find out more about the book and read Alexander’s blog.