During the past decade the development of open source digital technologies has for the first time put the means of mapping in the hands of ordinary citizens. The Living Maps Series aims to bring together geographers and ethnographers, artists, writers, environmentalists and computer scientists in a shared conversation about new ways of mapping which provide alternative views of geography.

The opening seminar, “Mapping the Field”,  introduces some of the main themes of the series and offers a critical overview of recent debates in the theory and practice of critical cartography.
• Phil Cohen Navigating the Real? The Map as Model and Metaphor
• Christian Nold What Does Mapping Map?
• Aura Films The Map is Not the Territory (screening)
Chair : Victoria Boelman (The Young Foundation)

Phil is the author of ‘On the Wrong Side of the Track: East London and the Post Olympics’ (2013) and is currently working on a series of projects related to Olympic Park. Christian is an artist, designer and researcher working to develop new participatory models and technologies for communal representation and the editor of ‘Emotional Cartographies: Technologies of the Self’ (2009). Aura Films are an independant video production group who produced ‘The Map is Not
the Territory’ (2013) to accompany the launch of Phil’s book on East London and the Olympics.

If you wish to attend, please register at the Living Maps website. This event is organised by the Living Maps Network. For more information on the series, view the full list of seminars in the series, or email info@livingmaps.org.uk.