In these sessions we will be developing an critical reading of the ‘smart city’ agenda and exploring ways in which digital mapping and other technologies could be mobilised or transformed to serve as platform for democratic action. All sessions begin at 6pm.

25 November Seminar: Mapping the Commons and/or D-I-Y Urbanism
In this seminar we have brought together a panel of leading activists who in different ways are probing the relationship between the political, intellectual, digital and cultural commons.
Panellists: Dan McQuillan, Alberto Duman, Massimo De Angeles, and Max Colson

Dan is a lecturer in creative and social computing at Goldsmiths and before that was director of ecommunications for Amnesty International. He is the co-founder Social Innovation Camp and has written widely on political and philosophical aspects of the digital commons. Alberto is a conceptual artist who works on urban questions. His most recent project was Real Estate at the Peer Gallery examining issues of housing and gentrification. Massimo is Professor of Political Economy at the University of East London where he directs the Centre for Social Justice and the City. His current research is on the commons. Max is a freelance photographers who works on the privatisation of public space and is currently attached to the Urban Lab at University College, London.