If you can’t find something on the internet, does it really exist? In a digital age, an online presence would appear vital to the success of any campaign. But is having a website, Facebook page, Twitter account and all the rest an essential ingredient to modern day campaigning? Or are they merely shiny bits of marketing, which will never galvanise a community in the way real world campaigning does?

With cuts and austerity biting, campaigns at both a local and national level are increasingly hitting the headlines. Many official institutions are busy fighting for their own survival, and people are increasingly to taking matters into their own hands by campaigning on the issues that matter most to them. As part of our Building Local Activism programme funded by the Big Lottery Fund, The Young Foundation has been working for the last two years with communities that want to use digital tools to campaign– from older people wanting to make Leeds city centre more accessible to helping a Citizens Advice Bureau map the impact of cuts to housing benefit.

In a panel discussion, we’ll look at recent campaigning success stories at both the national and local level, explore just how important an online presence and digital tools have been to them, and finally consider if the way people engage with their communities has changed in the digital age. The event will also see the launch of a new report from The Young Foundation “Local campaigning in a digital world.”

The panel for this event will be chaired by Annika Small (CEO- Nominet Trust), and will feature Stella Creasy MP, Katherine Sladden (Senior Campaigner- Change.org), Steve Wyler (Chief Executive- Locality) and Sophie Hostick Boakye (Associate- The Young Foundation).

To attend this event, RSVP to events@youngfoundation.org.

The suggested hashtag for this event is #ungoogleable.

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