The Humanistic Management Network is an international group of practitioners and academics who share a concern that organisations exist to benefit society. Humanistic management is based on three principles:

  1. respect for the dignity of each person
  2. ethical organizational decisions and processes
  3. on-going dialogue with multiple stakeholders.

The Network has members all over the world, and has established several country chapters… but until now, not in the UK!

Humanistic management is a driver for sustained business success aligned to societal needs and demands. Humanistic management helps reduce the cost of conflict or stress-related absence and it propels employee engagement, customer loyalty and constructive stakeholder relationships. But humanistic management principles are not shared by everyone and are increasingly under threat.

As a network, we link people together and demonstrate that others share our concerns. But a network can do so much more – share knowledge, research, good practices, lobbying politicians and jointly work on publications to name but a few. We can bring together and collaborate with other organisations and groupings, formal and informal, which share our values and commitments to make an impact towards a more sustainable and more equitable planet.

Come to the launch of our UK Chapter and be part of this exciting new venture.

The conference programme is geared towards providing a balance of interactive elements and presentations to facilitate the exchange between participants and discussion with our highly esteemed speakers including:

  • Mary Hodgson, Head of Research at The Young Foundation
  • Paul Harrison, Humanists in Business
  • Loughlin Hickey, Founding Trustee and Advisor to Blueprint for Better Business
  • Christina Schwabenland, UK Chapter Lead of the Humanistic Managment Network
  • Matthew Taylor, CEO of the RSA
  • Ernst von Kimakowitz, Co-Founder of the Humanistic Management Network.

Join and contribute your ideas about what our network could do for you.

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