Entrepreneurs 2012 is an event relevant to entrepreneurs and business owners; people who want to start up in business or already have a business and want to know how to make it more successful.

Day One
How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset
At Entrepreneurs 2012 you are face-to-face with great strategists –that’s what entrepreneurs do well – they are great at planning and measuring results.

A successful entrepreneur sells themselves and persuades others to be onside and get excited about their business.

Entrepreneurs are constantly on the look-out for new opportunities for being creative and making money. This means taking calculated risks which also sometimes means failure because not all ideas are great – so being prepared to fail is another side of being an entrepreneur.

Day Two
Uncover New Technologies to Give your Start-up Business the Edge
At Entrepreneurs 2012, knowledge and expertise is shared by people who understand how to use technology to develop new leads and new customers …

Technology changes daily and it’s very important for entrepreneurs to keep up-to-date with the latest new and innovative ways to automatically connect with people, or find relevant information or source those people of interest.

Day Three
Making It In Business

At Entrepreneurs 2012 the strategies behind getting rapid business results will be shared along with the knowledge and the expertise required to achieve great results.

Successful entrepreneurs always get results fast and learn from the lessons of others – becoming high achievers getting great results.

Entrepreneurs 2012 focuses on learning how to find a healthy balance between business and a lifestyle. Business success requires the habit of balancing all aspects of life…

Day Four
Leadership and Entrepreneurship

This is the day in which Anna Smee, Director of Ventures, will be taking part in a panel discussion.

100’s of the world’s most successful chief executives, from the likes of Google, Paypal, Acer and Bentley will gather to debate, share ideas, network and enjoy the last day of Entrepreneurs 2012

Seated towards the front of the auditorium, the movers and shakers of our business world will be networking and rocking our boats. And whilst great leaders and business champions head-up the presentations and debates on the main stage, covering aspects of starting and growing businesses; and leading and developing people, you’ll benefit from the incredible knowledge and experience that they have – and is being passed on to you.

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