Join us for an evening with Danny Dorling to celebrate the re-launch of his book, Injustice: Why Social Inequality Still Persists, with revised content looking at how things have changed in the last ten years.

Danny will talk about what a more equal society might look like. What we might notice is different about it. What it is like when you look into other peoples’ eyes more often rather than at their shoes or over their shoulders.

He’ll touch on our institutions: schools and universities; workplaces; housing; health; but also things like relationships and who our children might mix with if we were not as divided as we are. Most of this is not fanciful musing as most countries in Europe are more equitable than we are and so we can see what a more equal society looks like already. He’ll also consider other kinds of behaviours which are often not associated with economic inequality but perhaps should be – such as how much we might each consume, the proportion of people who eat meet (lower in more equal countries), our carbon footprints and so on. Danny will outline how we are currently heading towards overtaking the USA in becoming the most unequal of rich nations in the world and how we might stop this.

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