Date: 15 November 2017
Time: 10.45 - 12.15
Venue: The Midland, Manchester

We’re delighted to be supporting this year’s Locality Convention, the annual event bringing together people from across the UK and around the world working with the goal to help communities thrive and put the power back into the hands of the communities we live in.

Locality Convention ’17 – communities in control, includes two days of inspirational learning, connecting and networking with a diverse schedule of sessions, talks and workshops.

Join us in our session on day two to share and learn from the successes and challenges in building diverse and inclusive communities.

In our interactive and collaborative workshop,‘Unlocking community potential and overcoming barriers to inclusive action’, we will draw from our own work with communities across the country, and invite others to help us consider the following:

  • How do we, and the communities we work with, overcome blocking mechanisms to inclusive community action?
  • In which ways do we ensure unheard voices become heard, and support communities to build and tell their own narratives?
  • How can we learn from one another, and share toolkits which recognise the agency, action and aspirations of communities tackling inequality?
  • In a Britain braced for Brexit, how do we continue to understand and engage with community responses to inequalities?

The convention is held on 14th and 15th November at The Midland, Manchester. Book your tickets here.

You can view the full event programme and schedule here.