From job creation to revitalising the high street, and even boosting British exports, Cynthia Shanmugalingam explains why the new food economy can deliver more than just a great meal.

The “eating out” sector contributes £25 billion a year to the UK economy, with the potential for much more if we can help aspiring food entrepreneurs to enter the business. It doesn’t have to be expensive- a small investment in a food cart can be the first step towards a restaurant chain. But knowledge of the industry and finding a place to start can difficult, and that’s where Kitchenette, London’s first food business incubator, comes in. Cynthia Shanmugalingam, Kitchenette’s founder and Chief Executive (and Young Foundation alumna) believes that helping food entrepreneurs find their bearings will have a knock on effect for economic regeneration.

Please feel free to bring your lunch; coffee and tea will be provided with opportunities to purchase treats from the Kitchenette kitchen.

Read Kitchenette’s latest report, A steak in the economy.

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