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Ideas, as well as people, now move more freely. We have put new models, drawn from other classes and other parts of the world, before the local people, creating new aspirations and new ideas.
Michael Young and Peter Willmott.
Family and Kinship in East London, 1957

How I Spent My SIX Summer

Date: December 13 2012

Posted by: Connor Friesen, Kine Nordstokka, Louise Pulford

The field of social innovation is rapidly expanding – and the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) is keeping pace, brokering new collaborations and becoming ever more global. This year, SIX held its fifth Social Innovation Exchange Summer School, in conjunction with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, in Adelaide Australia. Around 100 participants from six continents… → Read More

The Resilience Illusion

Date: | Posted by: Nina Mguni

Date: December 05 2012

Posted by: Nina Mguni

It was late in the evening as we ascended the steep slopes of Les Roquetes. With its winding streets, outdoor escalators and hilltop views, this Barcelona neighbourhood resembled a favela. We arrived at our destination, a little community hall, and were met by several members of the local neighbourhood committee. They were a feisty bunch,… → Read More

The growth in tech social ventures

Date: | Posted by: Mandeep Hothi

Date: November 29 2012

Posted by: Mandeep Hothi

This month the Young Foundation launched the Accelerator, a four-month programme intended to prepare small social ventures for delivery of social impact at scale. Each venture will benefit from a tailored package of support that develops and shapes their business models, helping them to become ‘investment ready’ and to access markets for their services. The… → Read More

Squeezed Out?

Date: | Posted by: Nicola Bacon

Date: November 22 2012

Posted by: Nicola Bacon

Last week I met a young woman who was proud of her home and her child. She was on her own and had been through a difficult time when pregnant, living in a one-room studio with a couple who were drinking heavily. She had gone to the local council (in London) for help as homeless… → Read More

A week is a start: reflections after Global Entrepreneurship Week

Date: | Posted by: Tom Ravenscroft

Date: November 21 2012

Posted by: Tom Ravenscroft

Last week was Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). With it, came a torrent of statistics: the 50% of people who would like to start a business, the 5% who actually do. The rising youth unemployment and falling hopes. And an accompanying rush of activities: Workshops, challenge days, motivational speakers and Twitter trending. For the team at Enabling… → Read More

The role of data in redefining the relationship between citizen and state

Date: | Posted by: Simon Tucker

Date: November 13 2012

Posted by: Simon Tucker

Much of the work of The Young Foundation is about redefining the relationship between the citizen and the state. A fundamental aspect of this relationship, although it is often overlooked in the (re)design of public services and engagement with service users, is data. Today marks another step in a revolution in the way data is… → Read More

Urgent need for innovation in placemaking

Date: | Posted by: Nicola Bacon

Date: October 22 2012

Posted by: Nicola Bacon

As the UK Government sets out its plans to accelerate housebuilding to meet soaring demand for homes in England, there is an urgent need to find ways of making sure that the new places that are created as a result of the current policy drive become the thriving communities of the future, rather than expensive… → Read More

Prioritising Prevention: A reaction to David Cameron’s speech on rehabilitation & justice

Date: | Posted by: Mhairi Aylott

Date: October 21 2012

Posted by: Mhairi Aylott

Today David Cameron has delivered his latest speech on crime, rehabilitation and the prison system, his first since Kenneth Clarke was replaced by Chris Grayling as Justice Secretary. We have now moved from a time where prison was said to “work”, and although we are no longer instructed to “hug a hoodie” we are told… → Read More