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Ideas, as well as people, now move more freely. We have put new models, drawn from other classes and other parts of the world, before the local people, creating new aspirations and new ideas.
Michael Young and Peter Willmott.
Family and Kinship in East London, 1957

Prioritising Prevention: A reaction to David Cameron’s speech on rehabilitation & justice

Date: | Posted by: Mhairi Aylott

Date: October 21 2012

Posted by: Mhairi Aylott

Today David Cameron has delivered his latest speech on crime, rehabilitation and the prison system, his first since Kenneth Clarke was replaced by Chris Grayling as Justice Secretary. We have now moved from a time where prison was said to “work”, and although we are no longer instructed to “hug a hoodie” we are told… → Read More

When is self-evidently good not good enough?

Date: | Posted by: Bethia McNeil

Date: October 08 2012

Posted by: Bethia McNeil

Historically, services for young people have been regarded as ‘self-evidently good.’ It is widely accepted that services can have a transformational impact on individual young people’s lives, and the youth sector can produce significant numbers of case studies and anecdotes to support this position. There is plenty of qualitative evidence that testifies to the impact… → Read More

The Young Foundation response to the Red Tape Challenge: Civil Society and Social Investment

Date: | Posted by: Gemma Rocyn Jones

Date: October 08 2012

Posted by: Gemma Rocyn Jones

Historically, the Young Foundation has had a pivotal role in social investment, developing the concept for social impact bonds  and authoring landmark policy papers such as Growing Social Ventures and Lighting the Touchpaper. However, so far we have only been able to dip our toes into becoming a social investment intermediary, wary of landing the… → Read More

Let’s go fly a kite

Date: | Posted by: Dr Marcia Brophy

Date: October 01 2012

Posted by: Dr Marcia Brophy

The skies above Galle Face Green, Colombo were full of handmade multi-coloured kites. Nothing unusual in this sight, as a long standing tradition and favourite pastime for families to come and spend hours flying their kites, eating ice cream, and walking along the beach at weekends. But this day is slightly different. The day is… → Read More

We need to talk about incubators

Date: | Posted by: Anna Smee

Date: September 03 2012

Posted by: Anna Smee

In February 2011 the Young Foundation Ventures team were commissioned by Nesta to conduct the first comprehensive study of the state of incubators– organisations that support the dynamic and emerging sector of social ventures. Since then this report has contributed much to the development of new social investment initiatives, such as Big Society Capital and… → Read More

Can we make IT work in the NHS? I believe we can.


Date: August 08 2012

Posted by: Anna Smee

Technology adoption in the NHS has been an issue that has been studied by many of the great in health – including Professor Trish Greenhalgh, Alasdair Liddell, and countless others in the years past. The challenges that IT brings is similar to other challenges that NHS organisations face: lack of resources/money, leadership, communication within the organisation, risk aversion, lack of training… and list goes on. (In fact, there is a comprehensive list on p.29 of NHS Institute for Innovation’s report from September 2009.)

Community Activism: Making Change Happen

Date: | Posted by: Mhairi Aylott

Date: July 31 2012

Posted by: Mhairi Aylott

Our Building Local Activism programme, funded by The Big Lottery Fund, is supporting communities to develop their capability to instigate and sustain local activism, gaining power and influence over the decisions that affect them. One aspect of Building Local Activism is scaling up models of community activism that have already proven successful, to promote them across a wider scope.

In a recession, does wellbeing matter?

Date: | Posted by: Nina Mguni

Date: July 24 2012

Posted by: Nina Mguni

This morning the Office for National Statistics published its first findings from the national wellbeing index. The prominence of this index marks a significant shift in the value we place on, and indeed the way we measure, social progress. This is an important first attempt at moving away from understanding social progress in material terms to take a broader account of the attributes that add up to life satisfaction.

Say Cheese Please!

Date: | Posted by: Dr Marcia Brophy

Date: July 16 2012

Posted by: Dr Marcia Brophy

It’s two in the afternoon on Poya Day or Full Moon Day in Sri Lanka, thirty one degree heat, and I am surrounded by children’s laughter and constant chatter. We are circling the Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil, one of the most significant Hindu temples in the Jaffna district, studiously taking photos of the things we think… → Read More