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Ideas, as well as people, now move more freely. We have put new models, drawn from other classes and other parts of the world, before the local people, creating new aspirations and new ideas.
Michael Young and Peter Willmott.
Family and Kinship in East London, 1957

From Russia with Resilience

Date: | Posted by: Nina Mguni

Date: June 22 2012

Posted by: Nina Mguni

The Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad, which commemorates the victims and survivors of Leningrad greeted my arrival to the Park Inn Hotel, the venue for the World Health Organisation (WHO) Annual Healthy Cities Conference. The view of the memorial lent a sense of drama and grandeur to proceedings. Inside the hotel, delegates from… → Read More

Finding a home to rent in Hackney: hypothetical housing benefits turn out to be just that

Date: | Posted by: Sophie Hostick-Boakye

Date: June 19 2012

Posted by: Sophie Hostick-Boakye

Usually we’re not encouraged to go trawling property websites during working hours, yet last Friday three Citizens Advice volunteers, one Young Foundation intern and I were doing just this and hunting for flats in Hackney. We were each in receipt of a hypothetical Local Housing Allowance (LHA) and aiming to better understand the private rental… → Read More

What to do with £400 million?

Date: | Posted by: Tricia Hackett

Date: June 06 2012

Posted by: Tricia Hackett

That is the estimated amount going into economic development and regeneration in north Tottenham from the Haringey Council, GLA, and Spurs in the coming years. The role of the local community in these regeneration plans is very much in the spotlight, more so now post-riots. Research carried out by the Young Foundation, Joseph Rowntree Foundation… → Read More

Breaking the cycle

Date: | Posted by: Neil Reeder , Simon Tucker

Date: May 30 2012

Posted by: Neil Reeder , Simon Tucker

We all know intuitively that prevention is better than cure. Yet this does not translate easily into the way public services are prioritised or resourced, nor how we arrive at the best response to take when things go badly wrong. This has always been the case; when public spending is squeezed, questions about how to… → Read More

Character Counts

Date: | Posted by: Neil Reeder

Date: May 25 2012

Posted by: Neil Reeder

Character counts in shaping lives for the better – so what can or should public services do about this? Character matters. That is the blunt message revealed by James Heckman’s work. The ability to be open to new ideas and to meeting new people, the willingness to express yourself, the degree of conscientiousness with which… → Read More

Payment by Results – the future of the criminal justice system?

Date: | Posted by: Mhairi Aylott

Date: March 20 2012

Posted by: Mhairi Aylott

Payment by Results is already a hot topic – discussed everywhere from broadsheets to breakfast roundtables. Funding is being cut, services are being squeezed, yet still require delivery, possibly more now than ever. With prison costing the taxpayer over £3bn a year, and the Ministry of Justice needing to find savings of £2bn by 2014,… → Read More

Tottenham – the new Brixton?

Date: | Posted by: Tricia Hackett

Date: March 01 2012

Posted by: Tricia Hackett

Do a Google search on “Tottenham” and you get 56 pages dominated by the football club interspersed with news and images from the recent riots. Hardly surprising that when we talked to Tottenham residents last autumn – in the wake of the riots – something that came up repeatedly was concern about the negative perception… → Read More

Wellbeing at the Young Foundation

Date: | Posted by:

Date: February 29 2012

Posted by:

The long awaited release of the first analysis of the ONS’s wellbeing data has confirmed what we have regularly highlighted – that ‘the amount and quality of social connections with people around us are an essential part of our wellbeing. The importance of relationships for an individual’s wellbeing as well as for society more generally… → Read More

Prognosis: Full of Life!

Date: | Posted by: Jessie Parsons

Date: February 10 2012

Posted by: Jessie Parsons

When faced with a ‘grey tsunami’ should we try to run, or get out our Malibu boards? Looking round the room on our first day of Full of Life volunteer training in Lambeth, it isn’t clear how the day will go. Everyone seems to have come from very different walks of life and I worry… → Read More

A momentous day for a happier UK

Date: | Posted by: Mark Williamson

Date: December 02 2011

Posted by: Mark Williamson

Today should, in my humble view, go down as a momentous day in UK history. The Office for National Statistics has published the very first official results from its new programme to measure our national wellbeing. The announcement has been rather low-key and the data is only based on a very small sample (4,200 adults)… → Read More