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Ideas, as well as people, now move more freely. We have put new models, drawn from other classes and other parts of the world, before the local people, creating new aspirations and new ideas.
Michael Young and Peter Willmott.
Family and Kinship in East London, 1957

How to make services Better by Design: The case of Eva

Date: | Posted by: Laura Dosanjh, Lucia Caistor-Arendar

Date: May 02 2013

Posted by: Laura Dosanjh, Lucia Caistor-Arendar

Eva* was born in Egypt, to British and French parents. She speaks French, Italian and English fluently. In 1956 she was forced to leave Egypt and come to England with her mother. Never married, Eva used to live with her brother, but when he died 22 years ago she moved into sheltered accommodation. Here, at… → Read More

Evidence-based Thinking

Date: | Posted by: Laura Dosanjh

Date: February 13 2013

Posted by: Laura Dosanjh

I was recently asked at a conference entitled “Crisis for Youth” whether enough was being done to ensure that public money on services for young people is spent as effectively as possible. The question was clearly a leading one. But how do we best demonstrate impact and make the case for funding services that really… → Read More