Support and investment for entrepreneurs

In our role as a Social Venture Intermediary (SVI) providing business support and finance to social ventures, we are focused on identifying, assisting and investing in high potential ventures that change people’s lives for the better.

We work with entrepreneurs with a great social business idea that they can demonstrate works. The organisations we support typically meet the following criteria:

  • Focus on changing peoples lives for the better (i.e. prioritise positive social impact)
  • Target customer groups inadequately served by existing private or public provision
  • Disrupt existing markets by introducing more innovative or lower cost products or services
  • Operate a robust, sustainable business model
  • Have the potential to grow and broaden their social impact (UK wide or Worldwide)

We help ventures by providing business advice and support, access to valuable networks (including potential investors and customers), and financial investment. The ventures we work with come to the Young Foundation via multiple routes. Some are borne out of Young Foundation ideas and projects. Others are identified by our UK wide team who spot and nurture early stage ideas, or uncover established ventures that need support to grow. Finally, we run open calls for ventures seeking support and investment.

We offer different levels of support to cater for ventures at various stages of business development;
1. The Venture Network – An open network designed for high potential start ups seeking light touch support via a member’s newsletter and regular workshops and events around the country.
2. The Accelerator – A competitive entry programme for social ventures that are ready to scale, incorporating four months intensive business model development followed by twelve months investment readiness support.
3. The Young Foundation Venture Portfolio – A select group of high performing social ventures in receipt of financial investment and ongoing support from the Young Foundation.

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