We want to change the way people think about society’s most pressing problems, who can solve them, and the possibilities for change.

We have done extensive research, over many years, into the character of inequality, and to learn from and help evaluate people’s attempts to improve the world they live in for themselves and others.

We’re unique for being an independently accredited research institute with the ability to put our insights into action.

We do ethnographic and deep qualitative work rather than just number crunching, although we do some of that too. We’re also unusually practical; we get out and about and really listen and interact with people rather than hiding behind our desks. This gives us a richer sense of what people value in their lives and what their viewpoints are. This means we often see things that nobody else is looking for, which helps us bring a unique lens to seemingly entrenched issues.

We actively seek collaborations, partnerships and commissions for bespoke research. If you want to know more please do get in touch with Victoria Boelman, Director of Research at