About Us

We believe little about the future of society is inevitable. Bound by our shared humanity, we have the power to shape the societies and communities we want to live in.

Our work focuses on the nature and form of structural inequalities and how we can best create the changes that will enable people to build resilient communities and lead more equal lives.

We do this by working alongside communities, using the tools of research and social innovation (new ways to meet social needs) to deliver national and international programmes, putting people at the heart of social change.

We also bring together leading thinkers and policymakers from around the world to develop new ideas.

We work in partnership with organisations who share our values and aim to tackle the biggest societal challenges. We are also proud to be part of alliances campaigning for the social economy and for equality, including the Social Economy Alliance and The Equality Trust.

The Young Foundation has devoted itself to fighting inequality through trailblazing research and by working with communities. Their ethos of ‘doing with’ people – rather than people ‘being done to’ – is vital. They have a cracking track record of creating and supporting the scaling-up of social innovations that have really made a difference to people’s lives.

(Lord John Bird, Editor in Chief, the Big Issue)