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Publications | June 2016

From January to June 2016, the Young Foundation worked with Power to Change and Social Enterprise UK in three very different Sheffield neighbourhoods, Manor, Upperthorpe and Heeley, to explore approaches to place-based investment in the city. Over the past two years The Young Foundation has developed an approach to place-based transformation which emphasises the importance of… Find out more

Amplify Sheffield


We are working with Power to Change and Social Enterprise UK in Sheffield.

Sharon Squires


Sharon is a Senior Fellow with the Young Foundation. She is the director of her own consultancy – Sharon Squires Consultancy – and has an extensive track record of working with Ministers, MPs and political leaders at the national, regional and local levels. She has worked alongside many Chief Executives and Managing Directors from the… Find out more

Community Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis Blog Series: Part 1

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At the Young Foundation, our mission is to develop better connected and more sustainable communities across the UK. One of the main ways in which we achieve this is by building a shared body of evidence, tools and insight about how communities are taking action on the issues that affect them. In recent months, many communities in the UK and across the world have been experiencing changes and challenges as a result of COVID-19. In such uncertain… Find out more

City experiment with minimum “basic” income trial improves well-being but financial insecurities remain

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No strong evidence that ‘citizen income’ improves routes to employability but improvements in material security, mental health and wellbeing, and child welfare reported by participants  Qualitative study puts lived experience of trial in the spotlight, with implications for the design and implementation of future experiments and policies Communities think-tank calls for pause following outcomes of… Find out more

Evaluation of a Job Coaching Programme for young homeless people


The Young Foundation was commissioned by End Youth Homelessness to evaluate their Transforming Futures Programme, funded by the H&M Foundation. The programme helps young people find their way into education, employment or training (EET) by providing them with personalised job coaching and access to a bursary fund. The fund is used to overcome the financial… Find out more

Isabelle Carter


Isabelle Carter is a WRoCAH-funded PhD student in the University of Sheffield’s Department of History. Her project studies high-rise council housing in Sheffield and Manchester from the late 1950s to the 1990s. With a focus on residents’ lived experiences, it examines the ways in which mass housing shaped the everyday lives and identities of women… Find out more