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Policy Manager – Agenda

This is an exciting opportunity for a highly skilled, driven and committed individual full of ideas and energy to play a key role in an organisation campaigning for change for women and girls.


A Review of the Private Rented Sector in England: Vulnerability and Innovation

Print date: August 2017

Authors: Amanda Hill-Dixon, Will Jamieson

Print date: August 2017

Authors: Amanda Hill-Dixon, Will Jamieson

This review provides an overview of the private rented sector (PRS) in England, outlining some of the vulnerabilities, compounded and created by it, and the vulnerable groups within the PRS who are most at risk. It also explores some of the barriers and enablers to innovation in the PRS to inform our new Reimagining Rent programme.


Wellbeing in UK Communities: 15 co-production workshops

The Co-op wants to help make communities better places to live for people across the UK. They want to improve community wellbeing.  The Young Foundation have partnered with the Co-operative Group to conduct research on community wellbeing and to help them develop a ‘Community Wellbeing Framework‘. The Framework aims to strengthen the support the Co-op provides to… → Read More


Reimagining Rent: Innovative solutions for the Private Rented Sector

For the vulnerable and those on low incomes, the failure of the housing system is widespread, with the social and economic inequalities perpetuated by the private rented sector being particularly acute. Poverty among renters has doubled in the last decade, leaving millions trapped in insecure, expensive housing. In addition to a shortage of supply, issues… → Read More

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Innovating to create education’s missing piece

Tom Ravenscroft, CEO of Enabling Enterprise, award-winning social enterprise supported by The Young Foundation, introduces his new book, The Missing Piece. This is a culmination of all he has learnt in a decade of working with young people to equip them with the skills needed to succeed in life.