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Evidence and replication

The Realising Ambition programme has published a new infographic exploring the why, the how and the who of evidence and replication.

Making Good our Future

Making Good our Future: Exploring the Boundaries of Open and Social Innovation in Manufacturing

Print date: May 2015 Item type: Publication

Author: Filippo Addarii

Print date: May 2015

Author: Filippo Addarii

As part of the  Social Innovation Europe initiative, the European Commission has published a policy paper, ‘Making Good Our Future’  by the Young Foundation’s Indy Johar, Filippo Addarii and Fiorenza Lipparini. The paper explores the intersection between social innovation, open source ICT,  the maker movement and corporate citizenship. The paper explores the potential for social… → Read More

Case study report cover

Spreading Social Innovations – A case study report

Print date: January 2015 Item type: Publication

Print date: January 2015

The question of how and why innovations spread has been a major topic of study within social sciences over the last 50 years and is one which remains highly relevant today. In this report, we have used a case study approach to explore in more depth what the spread of social innovations looks like in… → Read More

Practitioner report cover image

Doing Social Innovation: A guide for practitioners

Print date: December 2014 Item type: Publication


Print date: December 2014


Social innovations are being developed in towns and villages across Europe – in schools and hospitals, in care homes and prisons, in hubs and youth clubs.