Health & wellbeing

The Young Foundation combines analysis of the structural and institutional drivers of health inequalities with practical innovation.

We work on prevention and early intervention using the tools of ethnography to ‘walk in the shoes’ of the people we aim to support, and understand their universe. This unearths opportunities that can be harnessed differently. Early applications of our project Citizen Driven Health, for example, will help the frail elderly become more socially connected in their homes, develop resilience and avert health problems.

We also look beyond the individual to a wider range of interventions, from movements to market-making mechanisms. This can lead to the recognition of a wider range of factors, and fresh insight into areas for creative action. For example, our work on obesity is focused on food environments – supermarkets, cafes, corner shops, fast food outlets. We’re looking at consumer-powered ways to encourage food businesses to serve up health as well as pursue profit.

We focus on the fundamentals of health: nutrition, physical activity, mental health and wellbeing, resilience among vulnerable populations including frail elderly, and avoidance of expensive health and social care services. And we work at all levels of the health system, from the Department of Health, to CCGs – for example, we are currently helping Arden CSU to stimulate the local market of mental health solutions.

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