In the UK and across the world, despite progress women own less, earn less and have less power in decisions that affect their own lives and wider society. Levels of gender based violence remain high, and gender stereotypes continue to limit what women and men can be and do. We believe this doesn’t have to be the case, and society has the power to create a new gender equal future.

Genders Futures is working to develop a gender innovation eco-system. This will bring together gender equality and social innovation actors to expose and challenge the root causes of gender inequality, and produce credible and inspiring alternatives.

Our first report ‘Unequal Nation: The case for social innovation to work for a gender equal future’ presents an up to date picture of gender inequality in the UK. It explores how gender equality and social innovation can come together to create a positive, gender equal future for men and women.

We are developing further research as well as practical tools and a support programme to build and strengthen gender innovation.

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