We work to support social ventures to become sustainable and impactful.

We also advise across all sectors on setting up, investing in, or procuring services from organisations that do social good.

Our connection to those who may become the customers, commissioners, investors and advisors of the social ventures we support accelerates the business design and roll-out process.

We work with social entrepreneurs and ventures by providing support and finance. We currently run three key support programs:

–       The Accelerator – Supporting ventures with skills to secure social investment, contacts or funding and increase their social impact

–       The Transition Project – A light-touch version of the Accelerator

–       The Young Academy – supporting early-stage social ventures working in the field of education to realise their potential

We engage communities and make them happier and more resilient by turning strangers into neighbours with a range of activities using our project ‘The U’.

To find out more about the Venture Team, please get in touch with Rowena Young at