Social Innovation & Investment

We are a leading centre for social innovation, creating new solutions to problems through social ventures, movements and campaigns. This includes concept development, co-design with service users, social venture creation, social investment and systems level innovation and change.

We have published ground-breaking research on the theory and practice of innovation, set up many new initiatives and supported hundreds of social ventures to scale-up and deepen their impact through our practical programmes. We enable these ventures to become viable and to grow into successful social enterprises and businesses that have gone to improve thousands of people’s lives.

We have pioneered innovative financing models that support social innovation and sustainability. Our substantial experience in administering multi-million-pound grant-based and investment funds has shaped the design and delivery of The Young Academy, our flagship incubator and impact investment programme that stimulates innovation in the education sector.

To find out more about our pioneering social innovation and investment work and how you can get involved please get in touch with James Teasdale, Head of Venture Development at