We provide support and finance to entrepreneurs running social ventures, advice for organisations seeking to invest in or procure services from social ventures, and assistance with developing revenue participation agreements and social impact bonds.


The Young Foundation Venture team delivers work in three main areas:

  • We provide business support and/or finance to social ventures currently under served by traditional public and private sector funding routes.
  • We work with organisations that are looking to support and/or fund social ventures to help them understand the social investment market and maximise their impact.
  • We deliver training and advice on a broad range of social finance tools, including payments by results contracts and social impact bonds (SIB’s).

Our team is made up of experts from a wide range of backgrounds including public sector, banking, consulting and the third sector. This enables us to bring a truly innovative approach to the work we do in Ventures. In addition, we work closely with the Research and Applied Innovation teams at The Young Foundation to access the latest thinking on achieving and measuring social impact to inform our investment decisions. The market leading work carried out by our colleagues provides a rich pipeline of social innovation ideas from which we can select the most promising concepts for social enterprise.

Much of the value we offer is in understanding, and being connected to, the people and organisations on the ground that may become the customer base, commissioners, procurers, investors and advisors to the social ventures we support. By bringing these groups together we can fast track the business design and roll out process, enable social businesses to access procurement channels, and secure investment from new sources.

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