High quality research has always been at the heart of the Young Foundation. Our work looks at better understanding society’s most pressing needs and the opportunities to innovate in order to address them.

Pile of political photographs with notes

Our research activities fall into two broad categories:

  • Research and action research on contemporary life and changing needs; looking at issues as diverse as teenage pregnancy and isolated older people, from night working to civility. Our research is underpinned by our belief that insights arise from getting out and understanding what is really happening in people’s lives, hearing about their experiences and listening to their ideas.
  • Pioneering social innovation by identifying exciting and innovative approaches to meeting social needs. We pull together and analyse this knowledge to generate practical resources to equip policy makers and practitioners with the skills and information they require to better tackle society’s toughest challenges.

Research alone is never enough; we work on the principle that our research has to be put to practical use. The insights we generate need to lead to real change. We use our research and thinking to help develop new policies, contribute to designing new and improved services or to shape new social ventures.