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Societal entrepreneurship: an agenda to reinvent Europe in a small world (Filippo Addarii – E!Sharp)

Date: 1 February 2014

Climate change, credit crunch, political disenfranchisement, youth unemployment, ageing society, mass migration, even the German energiewende – the policy to phase out nuclear energy – are all manifestations of global change and show the inadequacy of our current institutions to deal with the transformation. This is our small world crisis. This is the cause of the crisis… Read more »

Why scaling up is not always about growth (Anna Davies – The Guardian)

Date: 16 December 2013

The concept of scaling has connotations of standardisation – and social entrepreneurs must be cautious when speaking about it The idea of scaling or scaling up has become a kind of holy grail for the field of social innovation in recent years. Academics, bloggers and even management consultants have enthusiastically adopted this language to talk… Read more »

Nicer than we think we are (Financial Times – John McDermott)

Date: 10 August 2013

Kindness is rarely rewarded at a national level, compared with talent, chutzpah, hard work, wealth or beauty One rainy evening, a young woman stood crying in a crowded Tube carriage. She had broken up with someone she thought would be “her first and only love”. There was not much room between passengers but she didn’t… Read more »