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Turning up the Dial: Digital Social Innovation in Northern Ireland

Digital Social Innovation in Northern Ireland

Print date: March 2014
Item type: Publication

Author: Sophie Hostick-Boakye

There is huge potential for digital technology to be more widely used for the social good in Northern Ireland, and this report highlights ways in which voluntary and community groups, the private and public sectors and tech experts can make this a reality. Featuring inspiring examples from across the UK and Northern Ireland, the report… Read more »


A Reflection on Social Innovation in Colombia

Print date: February 2014
Item type: Publication

Authors: Louise Pulford, Tricia Hackett

Six Colombia Report_ScreenIn 2013, The Young Foundation and the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) were commissioned by the national Colombian Centre for Social Innovation of ANSPE (National Agency to Overcome Extreme Poverty) to design and run a series of events on Social Innovation with a range of stakeholders.  This project was supported by Compartamos con Colombia and the… Read more »

NHS Arden Commissioning Support

Item type: Video

The Young Foundation joined forces with the NHS Arden Commissioning Support Unit in the West Midlands this year to develop and support local social ventures with an interest in solving some of the most intractable health problems such as obesity, long term conditions, supporting frail elderly, reducing inequalities in health.  There was no shortage of… Read more »

Bridging the divide cover

Bridging the divide: social entrepreneurs and commissioners on public sector contracting

Print date: November 2013
Item type: Publication

Authors: Anna Davies, Rachel Schon

In the last decade, successive UK governments have pursued an agenda of opening up public services to alternative providers from the private and third sectors, with the stated aim of diversifying provision in order to promote competition, efficiency and innovation. The current coalition government has made a particular commitment to “support the creation and expansion… Read more »

Physical Activity: A student’s story

Print date: December 2013
Item type: Video

Over the summer of 2013, MA Anthropology students at UCL explored participation in physical activity among students as part of our Designed to Move work. This video brings to life the story of one of those students.  It was produced by Elizabeth Corbin, Hannah Varga, Sarah McFalls and Charlotte Hollands under the supervision of Adam… Read more »

The Task of the Social Innovation Movement: Roberto Magabeira Unger’s Keynote Speech from Social Frontiers 2013

Print date: December 2013
Item type: Video

As part of our TEPSIE project, we organised the Social Frontiers Research Conference in collaboration with Nesta, The Rockefeller Foundation and Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). The conference took place at Glasgow Caledonian University London campus in Shoreditch, East London on the 14 and 15 of November 2013. Over the two days, Social Frontiers brought together 120… Read more »

Together We Can

Together We Can: Exploring asset-based approaches and complex needs service transformation

Print date: December 2013
Item type: Publication

Authors: Catherine Russell, Victoria Boelman

Our health needs as a nation are changing. Improvements in healthcare mean we are now living longer than ever, yet these advances also bring new challenges. At the same time, we are living in a society which places greater value on individual empowerment, blurring the traditional divide between professional ‘experts’ and passive service users. Patients… Read more »

Growing Social Ventures cover (2011)

Growing Social Ventures

Print date: February 2011
Item type: Publication

Authors: Cynthia Shanmugalingam, Geoff Mulgan , Jack Graham, Simon Tucker

Britain’s history is full of examples of forward-thinking co-ops, charities, mutuals as well as profitable businesses that have pioneered innovative ways to tackle social needs. From the rich activity of socially oriented businesses and charities in the 19th century, to forerunners of the ethical business movement like the Body Shop, and an estimated £24bn social… Read more »

Migrant Labour

Migrant Labour (Podcast)

Print date: October 2013
Item type: Audio

This podcast is a recording of the panel discussion “Migrant Labour: How housing associations and migrant entrepreneurs are improving 21st century Britain” held at RichMix near Brick Lane on Wednesday, 23 October 2013. The panel was opened by Paul Birtill of the Metropolitan Migration Foundation. The panel was chaired by Ravi Mattu (FT), and featured… Read more »