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Ideas, as well as people, now move more freely. We have put new models, drawn from other classes and other parts of the world, before the local people, creating new aspirations and new ideas.
Michael Young and Peter Willmott.
Family and Kinship in East London, 1957

Expanding grammar schools in the UK perpetuates the dangerous myth of meritocracy

Date: | Posted by: Hannah Kitcher

Date: December 12 2016

Posted by: Hannah Kitcher


Lifting the ban on new grammar schools is part of Theresa May’s desire for “Britain to be the world’s great meritocracy[1]”and today marks the end of the public consultation the Government launched on this issue. But if the expansion of grammar schools marks progress towards a more meritocratic society is this necessarily a good thing?… → Read More

Community led innovation in divided societies


Date: December 07 2016

Posted by: Hannah Kitcher


Community led innovation has experienced a massive growth in the past year. SIC reflects this in the community led innovation network – an entire group of people dedicated to developing and disseminating community led innovation tools, methods and ideas.  Monica Nagore and Lucy Cui are coordinating the community led innovation network on behalf of the… → Read More