“Ideas, as well as people, now move more freely. We have put new models, drawn from other classes and other parts of the world,
before the local people, creating new
aspirations and new ideas.”

Michael Young and Peter Willmott
Family and Kinship in East London, 1957


Ambition is critical

June 05 2014 | Posted by: Tony Colville

As we hit 25,000 followers on twitter, Tony Colville, Partnerships lead at The Young Foundation, starts a monthly reflection on new partnerships, new programmes and plans for collaboration. For more on our new partnerships follow us @tony_colville @the_young_fdn If I ask my friends what they know of Swansea, the beautiful coastal town of South Wales,… Read more »

A revolutionary approach to solving urban challenges

May 15 2014

The Young Foundation is working with  Innovate York on  GeniUS! Open  - an approach which aims to  revolutionise the way citizens and local organisations can propose ideas to solve social, economic and environmental problems in their city.   GeniUS! was developed by Science City York  and City of York Council.  It  is now being piloted  with… Read more »

How would you spend £4 billion?

May 07 2014 | Posted by: Claudia Elliot

The Young Foundation have worked with the BIG Lottery Fund on Realising Ambition, a project helping young people fulfil their potential; and Better By Design, which supports voluntary sector oragnisations in Scotland. To develop their priorities for the next six years, BIG are asking for your ideas on how £4 billion could best help communities. We encourage you… Read more »

Journey of a Social Entrepreneur – The Giving Machine

April 23 2014 | Posted by: Malcolm Dean

By the turn of the 21st century Richard Morris had helped launch a series of successful innovative technological projects – both in impact and financially – involving electronics, data and broadband in the US as well as the UK. One company, launched in the US in 1997, was valued at over $2.3 billion in 1999…. Read more »

How to get a move on without running a marathon

April 08 2014 | Posted by: Gemma Briggs

Hannah, a research assistant at the Young Foundation, is about to run her first London Marathon. For the past few weeks she’s been waking up at 7am on a Saturday to the prospect of a 20-mile practice run. Quite frankly, the details I’ve heard over lunch about her punishing training schedule are enough to make… Read more »

It’s time to reclaim happiness

March 20 2014 | Posted by: Mark Williamson

In recent years I’ve asked hundreds of parents what they want above all for their children. Although their answers vary, nearly all of them say something like “I really just want them to be happy”. Happiness is the thing we want the most for the people we love the most. But the problem is that… Read more »

Journey of a Social Entrepreneur – HumanUtopia

| Posted by: Malcolm Dean

Social entrepreneurs follow multiple different routes to achieving their goal. This month’s profile describes how two talented entrepreneurs totally restructured and saved an important social programme that was about to be abandoned. Fourteen years ago in the run up to the Millennium Year, UK corporations were being urged by the British government to become more… Read more »

The Team of Leaders – Top innovators join Young Foundation on mission to disrupt inequality.

March 10 2014 | Posted by: Ashley Elizabeth Ball

  The Young Foundation, the leading centre for social innovation, is delighted to announce the appointment of eleven new senior staff to spearhead its renewed mission to understand and challenge the root causes of structural inequality. The Young Foundation’s dynamic new team includes leading thinkers and practitioners from the fields of social policy, feminism, human… Read more »