Partner with us

The Young Foundation is much bigger than the sum of its parts. Almost all our projects are done in partnership with other organisations, across sectors, and with citizens.

The Young Foundation and partners collaborating on a telepresence

Every project seeks to learn about the reality of people’s lives and to explore social innovations that could bring wider benefits. But we constantly learn from people and from the organisations we work with, at the same time as deepening their understanding and influencing wider policy and practice.

Every partnership is different; taking into consideration the geographical and organisational culture and context of any desired change as well as the voices and views of citizens.

The wider Young Foundation ‘family’ has evolved – from the Open University developed in the 1960s, to Uprising and Social Life – both of which become independent from The Young Foundation in 2012.

The Young Foundation is largely dependent on project-to-project funding. Our aim is to expand our core partners, who understand the critical role that social innovation needs to play in meeting the challenges of today and who commit to working with us outside the remit of a single project and support us in strengthening our reach and methods.