About Us

We believe inequality undermines the economy and corrodes our wellbeing, leaving its mark on communities, relationships, aspirations and self-worth.

We are a research and action based institute with a formidable track record of confronting these inequalities.

We work across the UK and internationally to create insight and innovations which put people at the heart of social change.

We also use our influencing power to bring together leading thinkers and policy makers from around the world to debate and develop new ideas to tackle inequality.

The Young Foundation has devoted itself to fighting inequality through trailblazing research and by working with communities. Their ethos of ‘doing with’ people – rather than people ‘being done to’ – is vital. They have a cracking track record of creating and supporting the scaling-up of social innovations that have really made a difference to people’s lives.

(Lord John Bird, Editor in Chief, the Big Issue)